Scam Alert !

For two years, scammers use the name of Ousmane Sow and the Ministry of Culture of Senegal to invite artists from around the world to participate in a symposium, to send works and money to register.

They regularly push the dates.

Ousmane Sow lodged a complaint with the Senegalese police and informed the Ministry of Culture of Senegal . He can not unfortunately do anything more and is the first sorry.

If you receive the following message , do not respond and do not hesitate to write to the Ministry of Culture of Senegal .

"The 1st International Sculpture Symposium Dakar D.I.S.S.2014 - SENEGAL 2014

Ousmane Sow sculptor in association with the Ministry of Culture of Senegal organizes the 1st International Sculpture Symposium Dakar 2014
Dakar from November 25 To December 15 - 2014
The objectives of the symposium are as follows:
- Promoting the arts and artists and make Senegal an artistic destination. - Linking relationships between artists from both sides - Artistic and cultural exchange between the two sides - Exchange of artistic experiences between artists from countries Northern and southern countries
ARTICLE 1: The 1st International Sculpture Symposium, organized Ousmane Sow sculptor in association with the Ministry of Culture of Sénégal , will take place in Dakar-Senegal between: November the 25 and December the 15th 2014
The high office of the culture of Senegal will provide for each artist with a maximum of 2 cubic meters, 2 stone (rocks) in total, sized and preformed according to the artist's orders as dimensional specifications. The organizers will provide power and air compressor, angle grinder 9". Artists will take their own tools,for the wood ,glasses and ceramics artists,the materials and tools are provided according to the artists orders ,
ARTICLE 3: The theme of the symposium is free.
ARTICLE 4: The sculptures produced by the artists in the symposium will be placed in The Sculpture Park of the city Dakar.
ARTICLE 5: The accommodation (motel,double rooms) and food will be provided by the Municipality and sponsors. Accompaniments can come on their own expenses.
ARTICLE 6: Travel expenses for all artists will be covered as follows: 50% of the travel costs from the artists outside Africa, 75% of the travel costs from the artists living in Africa
ARTICLE 7: Each artist who has completed his work will be given a total of 2,000.oo euros. The half of the total amount will be paid in the second week of the symposium; the remaining will be given after the symposium is completed, along with the certificate of participation
ARTICLE 8: The Dakar Municipality will provide tents and cover roof, water, tee, coffee in the symposium site.
ARTICLE 9: The working area will be outdoors, close to the motel.
ARTICLE 10: The artists are obligated to remain in the symposium work area during the symposium working hours.
It's suggested the participants bring visual material of their works to share with the artists and small sculptures, drawings for an exhibition in the Gallery Dakar .
ARTICLE 12: Artists are responsible for taking out their own accident insurances.
If you have interest for the symposium please contact Dakar Arts Symposium 2014 the application portfolio including all the documents listed bottom, must be sent to email address below: CONTACT :
BP : 3423 . Dakar Sculpture Symposium 2014 Senegal DAKAR CALL + 221 - 77-170-33-35 + 221 - 76-170-33-35
Contact : Mr Sow by sending your information,the sketches, model or photographs of model of the proposed artwork for the symposium, showing different angles the dimensions for the block or other materials, for stone to be used not exceeding 3 cubic meter in total.
2. The Symposium Committee must be informed about Mounting sketch, short explanation of the quantity and type of additional material to be used in the proposed artwork,the lists of all the tools must be alsoe listed .
3. Artists CV with an artist's photo.
4. 4 - 5 photographs from your 3 recent works in symposiums.
For more information visit our website
Or Contact Mr Sow
BP : D.I.S.S.2014 - SENEGAL 2014 3423 . Dakar Sculpture Symposium 2014 tel : + 221 - 77-180-33-35 + 221 - 76-180-33-35
Waiting for your reply with all the required information for your registration
Mr Sow"